It is said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Whether with romantic couples, families, friends or community, relationships often find themselves - ironically - in a hell on earth when folks try to be helpful, nice, or tactful without being upfront with the other person(s).

Unfortunately, dirty communication can be very sneaky, and being conscious of it is essential for maintaining healthy relationships. Fortunately, there is a prevention for this type of communication - that being to speak 'cleanly' in the relationship.

While most people understand that they would benefit from speaking to someone with whom they have a problem, this is only 1 of 6 ways to communicate cleanly. Further, the courage and emotional intelligence to do so are not always present. Educating people about the Six Faces of Dirty Communication provides an awareness and a language with which to move toward harmony and happiness.

Note: Organizations that have implemented training around these points have noticed a huge difference in the health of the community!